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Black History Movies List

Shaka Zulu film cover Shaka Zulu (Original)

a-time-to-kill-poster A Time to Kill

iiab-Flyer-front-web IF IT AIN’T BROKE: Black Folks and Family Structure

Ali film cover Ali

Sankofa movie poster Sankofa

Glory film cover Glory


A Raisin in the sun film A Raisin In The Sun

malcolm x movie cover Malcolm X

Mississippi Burning Mississippi Burning

Uncle Toms Cabin remake Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1987)

Poster - Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927)_02 Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1927)

birthofanationThe Birth of a Nation

tuskegee airmen poster The Tuskegee Airmen

RosewoodPoster Rosewood

ghosts-of-mississippi-movie-poster-1996 Ghost of Mississippi

buffalo-soldiers-cover Buffalo Soldiers

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and the Black Family

IF IT AIN'T BROKEAmid the current discussion of race relations in the United States, questions emerge as to how it is possible that so many socio-economic advancements have been made, but media headlines tend to look more like the headlines from the 1960’s. Police shootings, questionable court rulings and mass protest have started to become affixed in the latest news and not by happenstance. Despite the unparalleled accomplishments of the last 50 years, the recurrent events of today may possibly be a result of poor understanding and sympathy across cultural lines.

Over the last 15 years, many of our soldiers that returned home from war had a very difficult time adjusting back into a civilian lifestyle. The psychological trauma of such extreme conditions plagued our heroic men and women to the extent that some felt taking their own life were a solution to the horrific mental torment they were experiencing. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) soon became synonymous with the psychological state of some of our returning soldiers and now the disorder is being widely researched as more individuals are being diagnosed. Given the societal impact of such a disorder, it is not hard to understand the parallels of the theory ‘Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome’. This theory was developed by Dr. Joy DeGruy in an attempt to explain the cause of common behaviors in the African American community. An in depth view of these behaviors can also be seen in the film ‘IF IT AIN’T BROKE: Black Folks and Family Structure’, which examines the current condition of the African American family and its relation to the entire community.

Individual research into this subject matter is necessary in order to identify behaviors that may exist within our families and our communities. For more information, look into the work of Dr. DeGruy and view the film IF IT AIN’T BROKE. Also, search for other works on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome and the African American family structure.



White Man Apologizes To Black Men!

Just in time for African American History month 2015, comes a series of “official” apologies! Race relations will never be the same after this.


(*Feel free to MEME away!)


Amazing Dance Video by a Whole High School!

This teacher got the entire school to dance and hit that “whip”. Awesome job! Definitely getting a raise!

teacher dance

The Floaters – Float On

I don’t have to say a word about this song…. But I will, its the sound of Friday nights after work, HBCU homecomings, family reunions, soul food restaurants and Sunday dinner (after dinner)! That’s a Steve Harvey impersonated introduction! Enjoy!

Sara Bareilles – Love Song

Indeed indeed, I am a fan of this woman. Sara Bareilles and Feist I tell you! These two women sure do know how to make very good music! Love song is an older song by “so-called music industry standards”, but it is still heard in coffee shops, gyms, and grocery stores today. I love it, reminds me of Saturday mornings!! Very fun video and wonderful graphics! (Recent comment posted under the video: “Thumbs up if your watching this in 2013”)

Duracell Batteries: Trust Your Power – NFL’s Patrick Willis

This commercial is such an inspiring one. Whenever a campaign is developed, there are thoughts on who would represent the campaign well. Patrick Willis was a perfect choice. I think everyone can identify with wanting to make it at something and he happens to be someone who has accomplished the great achievement of playing well in the NFL. The commercial really captures the journey of growing from a boy to a man. The struggles, the work, the success. Good job Duracell. This guy definitely  has a lot of power. 6’1 and 240 something. Come to think of it, Tebow is 250. Man, you got to eat ALOT of food to get that big. You see his traps at :03? Everybody’s traps just don’t grow like that. That’s FOOD and WEIGHTS folks!

Lecrae – Mayday ft. Big K.R.I.T & Ashthon Jones

I came across this video a couple of days ago and have played it multiple times since then. EVERYTHING was done well. Motion Family did a great job on the video as they usually do and the song is a smash! Two lyrically gifted rappers and Ashthon Jones went ALL THE WAY IN on the hook. I love her fashion style too! Check out that hair. As we progress away from mohawks, new styles of awesomeness develop in honor of the past. Ashthon your style is hot homie!

State Farm Commercial “Born to Assist” ft. Chris Paul

It’s not hard to tell when commercials are done right because those are the commercials we remember. This State Farm commercial is no exception and will be remembered for years to come. This project represents great imagination, writing and planning. Kudos to Translation for a project well done. Great choice State Farm!!