Video Production

VProdpageStyleVideoimg is a Texas based video production company, which serves as the home of media entrepreneur Keenan Morgan. Keenan’s media team works closely with record companies, studios and artist to meet all of their media communications needs.  Services range from cost efficient performance videos to original concept development and production. The goal of our service is to bring your vision to the screen in order for you to captivate and engage your customers and fans.


Music Videos

 Prices vary per project. Contact us for a quote.

The Business

Did you know that 1 album only needs $2250 to $4500 a year in video production cost. That’s right, $187.50 – $375 per month. Of course this is on the very low end, but what that means is, if you are an independent artist, you actually have a chance to compete. Major labels typically use 3 videos to promote an album. Though album sales have declined in the past few years, music videos are still a primary driving force in music related sales. Live performances, tours, and merchandise are often sold after a connection has been made with an audience.  How does that affect you? If you are an independent studio or artist, and you plan to make money from your music, you must starting thinking like a business. It won’t help you to have a great sounding song with a poor quality video. Also, you don’t want a great music video that nobody sees. You must allocate funds to promote.

Begin with an investment.

Create a professional product.

Promote. Promote. Promote.

Our Process

  1. We work with you to develop a comfortable budget and payment schedule for your project(s).
  2. We enter into pre-production where details and dates are set.
  3. Production of the music video is captured.
  4. Post production is completed and your video is sent to you.


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